Конкурс «Аллея инноваций»

Описание проекта Gitune
February of 2011 г. – till present time. US office, UK office, RUSSIA office.

Gitune.com - is not just another social network, it’s a new bright world that gives you wide range of opportunities. Join magic and amazing world – Gitworld. New friends and unexpected dates are waiting for you. We have TV, radio and all things to all men. There’s no more language barrier - only the language you speak. Experience live, easy-and-free video chatting. Share your happiness! Gitune - your life for good!

Welcome to Gitland. It's the whole world of adventures. Pick funny mascot that suits you best. Communicate to people all around the globe, no more language barrier, only the language you speak. Share video, music, laughter and joy with friends, pets and neighbours. We welcome your feedback and strive to make your gitworld more gitty!
Команда Team: Alexey Gimatdinov, Roman Tupik, Dmitry Samsonov, Simon Oxley, Sergey Martynov, Sergey Bazarkin, Nikolay Abrosimov
Поиск инвестора Да
Сайт http://gitune.com
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